St. Lucian official says “no, no, no” to Amy Winehouse


Troubled British singer Amy Winehouse has been on an extended vacation in St. Lucia since last December and has recently announced that she intends to buy a villa on the island and remain there permanently. In recent months she has been the focus of a number of titillating stories about drugs, lovers, adopting a St. Lucian child, a possible nursing profession and newly-developed humanitarian projects. Now a former government spokesperson in St. Lucia has branded Winehouse a “tattooed reptile” who has a “dangerous influence” on the country.

Writing in the St. Lucia Star, Jeff Fedee suggested that the ‘Valerie’ singer should be denied permanent residence in the country because of her negative influence on the nation’s youngsters. “She would be a menace… to St Lucian society, because the demons that inhabit her tortured body will still have to be fed,” the Daily Mail quotes him as saying. Those who sing the praises of Amy Winehouse are missing the point: She is not a good model for St. Lucian citizens, particularly the youth, despite the music.”

He went on to say that the “relative peace and tranquility” enjoyed by citizens would disappear if Winehouse stayed on the island because her presence would bring “untold misery and disaster”.

“We cannot put the future of our country in jeopardy for the sake of the sale of a house to a character that will draw to St. Lucia untold human suffering,” he said.

It would appear that he really does not want her to stay.

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