New Book: Revisiting the Transatlantic Triangle

Revisiting - FINAL COVER

Revisiting the Transatlantic Triangle: The Constitutional Decolonisation of the Eastern Caribbean (2009) by Rafael Cox-Alomar is part of Ian Randle Publishers’ The Forgotten Histories of the Caribbean Series. This book constitutes a comprehensive study of the decisive 5-year period, spanning between 1962 and 1967, which witnessed the unfolding of an intense decolonization dialogue between Britain and its far-flung Eastern Caribbean possessions at the height of the Cold War. Cox-Alomar uses official and private papers to provide a detailed account of the laborious negotiations between London and the Eastern Caribbean. The book also discusses the sensitivities and demands of the United States in the decolonization process in ways which cast new light on the historiography on this region.

Revisiting the Transatlantic Triangle succeeds both methodologically and empirically in challenging some basic misinterpretations perpetuated in the Commonwealth historiography, and examines the nature and scope of the process of constitutional devolution in the Eastern Caribbean. Paying special attention to the dynamic interaction of a wide array of forces at the colonial, metropolitan and transatlantic levels, this book demonstrates that the decolonizing experience in the Eastern Caribbean archipelago was not a monologue but a multi-faceted dialogue.

Raphael Cox-Alomar practices International Law in Washington D.C. specializing in infrastructure, project finance and investor state arbitration with a special emphasis in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Our acknowledgments to Ian Randle Publishers for providing review information and cover image. See

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