Kingston on the Edge Urban Art Festival



YardEdge reports that Kingston on the Edge Urban Art Festival (or KOTE, for short) is now back for its third year. The festival will take place from Friday, June 19 until Saturday, June 27, 2009, hosting a wide variety of events, including visual art shows, film screenings, plays, concerts, open houses, digital/multimedia shows, and more. Karin Wilson Edmund explains, “Venues and spaces will include most of Kingston’s leading art galleries, Edna Manley College, the Philip Sherlock Centre at the University of the West Indies, local restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and beaches, as well as artists’ studios and homes.”

According to the Kingston on the Edge site, “the philosophy of Kingston on the Edge (KOTE) is to provide a platform for contemporary artists to showcase their work that pushes the boundaries of the conventional. Although initially intended for cutting edge avant-garde art, this festival welcomes all artists, including those working in more traditional styles. The goal of the festival is to combine all forms of art being produced in today’s society into a weeklong celebration of the freedom of self-expression. KOTE will provide an opportunity for artists, venues and the general public to interact creatively, with a view to sustainably developing and harnessing the incredible artistic potential of our country.”

For more information on Kingston on the Edge, see and

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