Jamaican Students Receive Cuban Scholarships


A total of 26 Jamaican students have been awarded scholarships to study at universities in Cuba, through the 2009-2010 Cuban Scholarship Program. The scholarship awards, which were presented by Cuba’s Ambassador to Jamaica, Gisela García Rivera, will enable the students to pursue studies in the fields of medicine, architecture, pharmacy, physical education and sports, and humanities.

The students all expressed their delight and gratitude for the award.  Jodi-Ann Jones, who will study medicine, said, “I felt very grateful for the opportunity because without it I don’t know how I would have been able to study medicine, because it is a lot of money, so I’m very thankful and looking forward to going to Cuba and doing my best and making everyone proud.”

Head of the Cuba/Jamaica Collaboration Unit, Jorge Crespo, informed that since 2005, the Cuban Embassy has received 1,002 applications for scholarships from Jamaican students. “We have processed 824 applications from Jamaican applicants and we have awarded 253 scholarships,” he informed.  He added that the selection process was difficult and that they “would really like to have the capacity to give more scholarships to all those candidates meeting the requirement but to date it is not possible.”

Since 1961, about 50,000 students from 129 countries have graduated from Cuban universities, with more than 26,000 of these students completing higher level courses. Currently, at least 50,000 students from 121 countries are studying in Cuba.

For full article, see http://www.caribbeannetnews.com/jamaica/jamaica.php?news_id=17159&start=0&category_id=9

Photo of University of Havana from http://www.ulpgc.es/index.php?pagina=noticia&ver=lahabana_010808

30 thoughts on “Jamaican Students Receive Cuban Scholarships

  1. Hola! I would like to know more about the cuban scholarships for medicine.Please email me with thte response!

  2. Aslam-0 -Alikum Sir’s

    Submitted that I have belong from poor family, therefore I need financial support / provide financial assistance or award me scholarship so I may be able to studying in abroad., without your support I can’t complete my dream. Thanks

    With regards.
    Mansoor Ibrahim Ansari

      1. Hi, I am most interested in the cuban scholarships (as i would like to study medicine there) and would like to know what are the requirments and qualification. Thank you

  3. I hope sincerely that my dreams for Cuba has been realized through the help of God the Father and for his goodness to me

  4. I would like to know about how to apply for this particular scholarship because of it strategic importance to me!
    thanks !

  5. I am interested in getting a scholarship to Cuba. Can you please send me info on the requirements needed and what courses exactly are scholarships offered in.

  6. Hola,I would love to know more about the Cuban scholarship programme for registered nursing. I am interesting in receiving a scholarship to fulfil my childhood dream of becoming a nurse. Gracias.

  7. am really passinate about studing in Cuba but as to the steps i am most ignorant… can somebody please give me the steps. you would be helping to make my dreams come through

  8. i am interested in your post graduate studies in the Civil Engineering field. Could you please send me the necessary information via e mail. Gracias

  9. I would like to be one of the beneficiary of a cuban scholarship to study medicine because it would be apreviledge for me.

  10. hi. i would like to get a scholarship study in cuba, could you send me the fields available and reqiurements

  11. i think what the Cuban government along with the Jamaican government is doing is a very good deed. I would like to be one of those lucky students to receive a scholarship to study medicine.

  12. Hi, I would like get a scholarship to study in Cuba, could you please send me the information as to how to go about this.

  13. How can I apply to this scholarship program I really want to purse medicine it my dream but the money I don’t have

  14. Hello I will like to apply for CubanMedical school, is there a link or webpage?

    Hola, me gustaría postularme para la escuela de medicina cubana, ¿hay algún enlace o página web?

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