ChangeMakers: Jamaican Photographs by Peter Ferguson


As part of the celebrations of Caribbean Heritage Month in South Florida, the library at Pembroke Pines is featuring and exhibit and book launch for Jamaican photographer Peter Robinson’s ChangeMakers: 101 Portraits of Men in Jamaica. Among the men portrayed in the book and exhibit are Rex Nettleford, Sir Howard Cooke, Kingsley Cooper, Ray Chen, and Cliff Hughes. Through the portraits, Ferguson has sought to give us an intimate look at men who have defined Jamaica as a nation in recent decades. The photos are accompanied by biographical sketches by Michael A. Grant.

The book of photographs took ten years to complete.
“At times it was extremely frustrating, especially when as months passed, no one made themselves available to be photographed. I literally had to will myself to keep the project alive and on several occasions use the printed images already done of some individuals to re-stimulate myself, to pull myself up, dust off and charge again”, Ferguson explains.


Ferguson is a noted commercial photographer on the island and has photographed hundreds of men and women in his more than 25 years in the industry. He explains his focus on men thus:
“Young men have been on the decline for the last three decades or more as seen in the universities’ graduates and the general workplace. Young men are lost and seemingly developing predatory instincts and tendencies due to lack of purpose, will and guidance, and this is reflective in the recklessness among certain demographics who now see the successful woman as the oppressor. My gift to young Jamaicans is 101 examples of possible directions that their lives could take”.
“If the book stimulates dialogue, then an important objective would have been met. Now that it is out, its purpose keeps evolving”.

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One thought on “ChangeMakers: Jamaican Photographs by Peter Ferguson

  1. Uncle Peter, I am so proud of all you are doing. i periodically look into your works to see whats new since i am so far away (Chi Town). Your photography has always been superb and now your book “ChangeMakers” is another chapter of greatness. I plan on purchasing one. Great Job! Unlce.

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