Ceramic Arts Exhibition: Espacio Líquido


This summer, the Delta de Picó Gallery of the Liga de Arte de San Juan [San Juan Art League] presents the collective exhibition Espacio Líquido [Liquid Space], highlighting recent ceramic work by 11 local artists: Peter Radosta, Cecile Molina, Jackie Cooper, Ivonne Prats, Jorge Cancio, Luis Ivorra, Mariemma Tischer,  Elsie Parras, Sofía Arsuaga, Luisa Borreras, and Diana Dávila. The artists featured in this exhibition form part of the San Juan Art League’s academic body.

The gallery is located at 10 Francisco Rufiño de Goenaga Street, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Photo of Luis Ivorra’s “Triciclo” (item not included in this collective show) from http://www.pamil.com

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