New book: Governance in the Non-Independent Caribbean

Governance cover copy

Governance in the Non-Independent Caribbean: Challenges and Opportunities in the Twenty-First Century (Ian Randle Publishers, 2009), co-edited by Peter Clegg and Emilio Pantojas-García, brings together the perspectives of scholars and officials from Europe and the Caribbean to provide international, comparative, and interdisciplinary perspectives on the performance of the non-independent territories in the Caribbean and their problematic status. These islands have surrendered aspects of their political, economic, and cultural identities to external centers of power, leading to a complex state of affairs and often unsatisfactory relationships between the territories and their metropoles.

This collection utilizes the current debates in political science, international relations, international political economy, and development studies to create a framework of analysis to consider trends within the non-independent Caribbean and the challenges of facing globalization through an unusual set of governance arrangements.

Peter Clegg is senior lecturer of politics and international relations at the University of the West of England, Bristol. He is author of The Caribbean Banana Trade: From Colonialism to Globalization (2002).

Emilio Pantojas-García is a political sociologist and has published widely on Caribbean economic development. He is senior researcher at the Centro de Investigaciones Sociales, adjunct professor in the Graduate Program in Sociology, and currently acting director of the Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Puerto Rico.

[Many thanks to Lisa-Marie Clunis for providing review information.]

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3 thoughts on “New book: Governance in the Non-Independent Caribbean

  1. This looks like something I should read! Thanks. Although Amazon lists it for September of this year.

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