Senel Paz and Arleen Rodríguez are the most widely-read Cuban authors of 2008


The 2009 Puertas de Espejo Prize, awarded to the most widely read living Cuban authors of the previous year, was won by Senel Paz for his En el l cielo con diamantes (In the Sky with Diamonds) in the category of fiction and by Arleen Rodríguez Derivet for Los afortunados entrevistadores de Fidel (Fidel’s Fortunate Interviewers) in the category of non-fiction. En el cielo con diamantes won the Juan Rulfo Prize in 1990. In Los afortunados . . . , Arleen Rodríguez interviews Frei Betto, Gianni Miná, Tomás Borge, and Ignacio Ramonet, reporters who are credited with having conducted the most revealing interviews with Fidel Castro.

The award ceremony took place at the José Martí National Library in Havana on June 7th, the Cuban Librarian Day.

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