Barbara Joyce, Saba, Netherlands Antilles


Barbara Joyce is one of the artists whose work has been included at the “Caribbean Crossroads Curaçao” show representing the island of Saba. This non-commercial exhibition, held at Casa di Kultura in Willemstad, ran from May 22 to June 1, 2009, and was set within the framework of “Caribbean: Crossroads of the World,” a collaborative project that will culminate in a milestone exhibition and publication in Fall 2011 [also see June 1 post “Caribbean: Crossroads of the World”].

Joyce was born in 1917 in California, U.S., but relocated to the Netherlands Antilles. She moved to St. Maarten in 1970 and then to Saba in 1991. She started her career as a painter by first working with Romare Bearden, specializing in collage. She still works in collage as well as painting.

Before deciding to dedicate herself fully to plastic arts, she spent 20 years as an actress in New York City. She brings these past experiences to her work and considers art to be “the stage of the mind.”

For more on “Caribbean: Crossroads of the World,” see

Image of Joyce’s “The Dream” from

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