“Hound dog Derek Walcott always flirting” says former student


Nicole Kelby, the American writer who sued Derek Walcott for harassment while a student at Boston University, has given an extensive interview about her relationship with the Nobel Prize winning poet to London’s Daily Mail newspaper. In the interview, she describes in detail the incident that provoked her into filing a civil lawsuit against him.

After paying the bill—Walcott was also generous—he solicitously hailed a taxi for Nicole. And in the few brief moments that followed, everything changed.

As they waited for the taxi, Nicole held a bundle of magazines for him. Then, according to court records, he allegedly remarked: “Well, how about going back to [my] place, forgetting about the magazines and the TV and just getting into bed?”

Nicole’s reaction was not favourable. She recoiled at the advance, say the court papers.

But there was more to come. His next tactic was a threat: unless she acquiesced he would block production of her Holocaust play, it was claimed. But she still resisted.

“I felt so shocked. I didn’t see myself in that way. I’m not the kind of woman that would use sex to get ahead,” Nicole says.

She is at pains to say that she is not thin-skinned. After a career in the rough and tumble of television, it takes more than a clumsy proposition to take her off her stride.

But the threat to her play from a tutor she trusted was, she says, completely undermining. It brought her to the edge of a personal crisis.

“Professor Walcott had told me that the work was good, that it was important,” she says, trying to sum up her feelings about that time. “Now I didn’t know what to believe.”

It was the last time she would hear from him. Whether his threat was carried out or not, her play was not produced. Nicole abandoned her course in despair.

For the rest of the fascinating interview go to http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1191209/Derek-Walcott-hound-dog–flirting.html

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