New On-line Literary Review: Libro a Libro


Based in Puerto Rico, Libro a Libro is a new on-line literary review founded by Ana Ivelisse Feliciano, journalist, coordinator of Terranova Editores, and manager of Public Relations for Borders Books. This free publication offers a broad panorama of Spanish language publishing around the world with special emphasis on the promotion of contemporary Puerto Rican literature. It includes sections on news, interviews, reviews, authors, awards, and information on launchings in multiple categories, including fiction, non-fiction, “bestsellers,” self-help, and spirituality, among others. It also has space for multimedia— video and sound— and information on local and international events related to the publishing arena.

The journal also contains an interesting interactive component. In the Red de Lectores [Readers’ Web] section, readers can comment, exchange reactions to material they have read, share photos and videos on their favorite authors, and create their own reading groups. It is a space where writers would be able to share their work. The Readers’ Web works like a social group similar to Facebook, with the main differences being that the purpose of the “Web” is to encourage book appreciation and that its members share a love of literature.

In an interview with Carmen M. Trelles for El Nuevo Día, Feliciano explains that this is not a critical academic journal but rather “a meeting place so that readers from all over the Spanish-speaking world can keep informed.” “Every day I search for news that has some relevance for Puerto Rico,” she says. Libro a Libro will be updated daily and it attempts to become an indispensable source of information about the editorial field, not only in Puerto Rico, but also at an international level.

[Many thanks to Roselina Rivera Hernández for bringing this item to our attention.]

See Libro a Libro at

For full article (in Spanish), see

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