New film: El precio a pagar


Laura Homar and Yudal Báez’s new documentary film El precio a pagar [The Price to Pay (2009, Wireless Entertainment Group)] will be aired on Saturday, June 6 at 8:00pm through stations WAPA TV and WAPA América. Puerto Rico is presently undergoing one of its worst crises in incidence of criminality.

El precio a pagar explores the motivations and circumstances leading up to these activities and subsequent imprisonment. It presents interviews with members of the prison community, including security personnel, family members of inmates, and the inmates themselves, who have been isolated from society at large, in order to offer a fresh look at the penal system in Puerto Rico. This is the first time the Department of Corrections has allowed cameras to the Puerto Rican prisons to document day-to-day life in confinement. This film document attempts to document, represent, and understand the subculture of the detainees, the life they lead behind bars, and the events that led them there.

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