New book: Sovereignty of the Imagination-Conversations III


On Saturday, June 6, at 8:00pm, eminent novelist and scholar George Lamming will present his new book at the 7th Annual St. Martin Book Fair [also see previous post, The 7th Annual St. Martin Book Fair] at the Belair Community Center (located across from the St. Maarten Medical Center) at Welgelegen Road 59, Cay Hill. The Book Fair, held June 4 – 6, 2009 in Marigot, St. Martin, is organized by Conscious Lyrics Foundation and House of Nehesi Publishers in collaboration with the St. Maarten Tourist Bureau and the University of St. Martin. Literary scholar, Dr. Sandra Pouchet Paquet (University of Miami) will be the guest speaker for this event.

Sovereignty of the Imagination-Conversations III (2009) includes Sovereignty of the Imagination and addresses, conversations, and new essays, such as “Language and the Politics of Ethnicity.” In this work Lamming stresses the need for political education “to encompass the exposure to and understanding of the intellectual tradition which provides the foundation for the understanding of self, primarily, and the relationship of that self to one’s own culture and environment.” It challenges the reader to rethink and question many insufficiently challenged “truths” and to explore the power of language and how it allows us, not only to name and establish categories, but also to define freedom. As Dr. Anthony Bogues (Brown University) stresses, Lamming “recognizes the centrality of the quest for freedom for the social group that he calls ‘this world of men and women from down below.'”

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