Nakuru Residency for Caribbean Artists


“Caribbean artists often talk about their African heritage. But not many have actually been to Africa.” This is how Lisa Ladner and Joseph Nyaisa, residency coordinators, open their invitation to their program in Nakuru, Kenya’s forth largest city. Caribbean artists are invited to spend 2 weeks to 2 months in Nakuru, as an opportunity to get to know the people and culture, appreciate the natural beauty of the area, and explore local arts. The residency program is in its initial stages and its coordinators hope to eventually expand the program to establish exchanges so that Kenyan artists will also get a chance to do a residency and/or an exhibition in the Caribbean.

Open to artists of all media, the residency would help Caribbean artists by providing an art studio and by organizing meetings with local artists as well as with upcoming artists from Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. Participating artists will be expected to give workshops or lectures to local artists, art students, children, or elderly people, depending on the participants’ concerns, interests, or qualifications. At the end of the artists’ stay, they will be able to exhibit their work in Kenya and may choose to donate their work to various venues in the region.

For a detailed program description, requirements, and guidelines on how to apply, see

Image of Kenyan artist Joseph Thiongo’s “Flamingos on Lake Nahuru” from

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