Join Greenpeace in saying thank you to Dominica


Greenpeace is asking the public to join them in saying “thank you” to Dominica for its stance against commercial whaling by signing an e-letter to be sent to Dominica’s Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit. As thei website explains, “Japan has been working behind the scenes at the International Whaling Commission (IWC) trying to reestablish commercial whaling. They have been lobbying and promising lucrative deals to countries that side with Japan and vote to open up commercial whaling once again. The tiny Island of Dominica, in the Caribbean, has decided to rebuff Japan and say no to supporting their efforts to whale commercially. This makes Dominica the only East Caribbean IWC member country that does not support Japan’s drive to resume commercial whaling.”

They are urging the public to go to the link below to sign their letter, which they hope will encourage Dominica to maintain its resolve to oppose the return of commercial whaling.

If saving the whales is something you’ve always wanted to do, here’s your chance, go to

3 thoughts on “Join Greenpeace in saying thank you to Dominica

  1. Great post! I’m Dominican, and would love to re-publish this post on my page if you dont mind. I could also forward in an email so that they know that Dominicans are also in support of the govt’s decision!

    PLease email to advise.

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