The Association of Puerto Rican Professors, Law 7, and the Public/Private Alliance

Antonia_mural_HUMAPuerto rico

Yesterday at a general meeting of the Association of Puerto Rican Professors [Asociación Puertorriqueña de Profesores Universitarios (APPU)], professors gave a unanimous vote to go on strike to protest public policies that violate the rights of the educators. The APPU president, María Gisela Rosado, said that the vote to strike has been approved as an expression against Ley 7 [Law 7] and plans to change the public university system into a public/private enterprise or “alliance” [Alianzas Público-Privadas].

As University of Puerto Rico professors explain, although the university is a public institution and is supposedly exempt from Law 7, the UPR’s president, Antonio García Padilla, the Board, and the deans of the university’s eleven campuses have created the conditions to undermine the uniformity of the university in its present status and the equity of working conditions of everyone employed by the university. Efforts to privatize sectors of the university would open loopholes for a plethora of changes resulting in devastating consequences for the faculty and the future of the eleven campuses, its schools, departments, and teaching staff.

The faculty expressed consternation before data presented by various campus representatives regarding measures to freeze teaching lines, rank promotions, leaves, salary increases, and other practices such as a rupture in the summer pay schedule and reduction of teaching positions for non-tenured instructors.

Rosado stated that the APPU repudiates Law 7 and the Public/Private Alliance as the only vehicles to help alleviate the fiscal crisis facing the island. She added that, “These public policies are anti-democratic and violate all the civil and laboral rights in our country.”

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