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carmen tirado torres

In today’s edition of El Nuevo Día, Tatiana Pérez Rivera reports on a new and innovative project by artists Edwin Velázquez Collazo and Leida Rodríguez Vilá, the electronic Coalición de Artistas de Puerto Rico [Coalition of Puerto Rican Artists]. Only a month old, the site, described online as “a register of Puerto Rican plastic artists without censorship and with liberty” contains information for approximately 260 artists and includes roughly 1,724 images of artwork, including painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, graffiti, installations, performance pieces, video-art, digital art, and other multidisciplinary forms of expression. The electronic register is free and offers a space for artists to show examples of their work and submit biographical data, as well as to converse and share information with other artists. In the future the site will also enable artists to present their work for evaluation by art critics.

The idea came to Velázquez after numerous travels abroad, when he noticed that he was one of the few Puerto Rican artists represented in any given collective show. He felt that lack of unity and misinformation was detrimental to Puerto Rican artists and decided to remedy the situation.

Velázquez and Rodríguez hope to get as many artists as possible involved in the coalition. They are also inviting gallery and museum curators, editors of art journals, professors, and critics from around the island to join the project. The main objective of the register is to increase visibility for Puerto Rican artists at a global scale as well as to provide a space for dialogue at the local level.

[Thanks to Annette Passapera for bringing this item to my attention.]

For full article (in Spanish), see

See the register and Carmen Tirado Torres’ “Pescadores de mi pueblo” at

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