Maryse Condé and Gerty Dambury’s plays to close Creole celebration in Paris


The Grande Halle de la Villette in Paris has just announced the theater productions that will close its spring-summer celebration of Creolité. The three plays to be presented include works by Guadeloupean dramatists Maryse Condé and Gerty Dambury.

Gerty Dambury’s Trame will be presented by the Fabrique Insomniaque company from September 29 to October 3rd. It is the story of a mother and son torn between love and rancor, prey to a history not of their own making that entangles them nonetheless like a web. Mother and son, Africa and the Antilles, colonial history and personal history, are all explored through the recounting of the wounds inflicted on the characters’ flesh. Dambury, born in 1957, is the author of more than a dozen plays, among them Lettres indiennes (1993) and several volumes of poetry. She will be directing her own work at la Villette.


Maryse Condé’s Comme deux frères will be performed by the Compagnie Sijaj of Guadeloupe from October 4 to 10. Condé’s play centers on the intense dialogue between two childhood friends who find themselves on the eve of their trial and must put together an argument against their continued imprisonment. The two friends, different in personality and dreams, cannot convince the judge of their innocence, but hope to develop and argument against their conviction that points to the forces in Guadeloupean society that have led them into a criminal act.  Condé, the author of numerous novels, is considered one of the most important Caribbean writers of her generation.

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The photograph above is from the production of Conde’s Comme deux frères from the website above.

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