The 50th Festival of Puerto Rican Theater


 The 50th Festival of Puerto Rican Theater is dedicated to Dr. Ricardo Alegría, founder of the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture, for his significant contributions to the development of Puerto Rican theater.

The festival opened with a production of René Marqués’ classic “La Carreta” on April 16, 2009 and will end on May 24. Other plays in the festival include “Quíntuples” (a sample of experimental theater, written by Luis Rafael Sánchez), “Bienvenido Don Goyito” (a satiric comedy written by Manuel Méndez Ballester), “Vejigantes” (play that explores our African heritage and construction of race; written by Francisco Arriví), “El Maestro” (based on the speeches of Nationalist leader Pedro Albizu Campos; written by Nelson Rivera), and “Una de cal y otra de arena” (a reflection of the island’s reckless, accelerated, and seemingly endless construction boom; collective work).

Throughout the year, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Festival, there will also be special productions to honor the theater’s trajectory. Written by Puerto Rico’s leading playwrights, the theatrical productions showcased for this salute are Alejandro Tapia y Rivera’s “La Sataniada,” René Marqués´ “Mariana o el Alba,” and Nebot’s “Mucen o el triunfo del patriotismo” (considered to be Puerto Rico’s first dramatic piece).

For an excellent review of the festival (in Spanish), see Lowell Fiet’s article at

For more information on schedules and individual plays, see

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