“Dear Pineapple” OK in the Dominican Republic


A judicial panel has concluded that Dominicans should be free  to name their kids Tonton Ruiz (“Dummy Ruiz”), Querida Piña (“Dear Pineapple”), and other unusual monikers if they choose. The Central Electoral Commission has just rejected a proposal to ban any names that could be confusing or give no indication of gender. As we wrote on April 25 (“Dominican Republic to Consider Legislation to Ban Odd Names”), Judge José Angel Aquinas had called for a crackdown on unusual names after the country’s civil registry showed some families were naming their offspring after cartoon characters and car brands. One family named their girl “Mazda Altagracia.” But the commission said Thursday it is not appropriate for the government to dictate what parents name their children.

Photo above by Gabrishka at http://gabrishka.com/photo/index.php?showimage=78

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