Trujillo/Rubirosa: Battle of the Playboys


The Dominican (well, the male Dominican) fixation with the erotic capacities of rather despicable men like Rafael Trujillo and Porfirio Rubirosa continues unabated. The Dominican Republic’s El Nuevo Diario has just published their latest scoop . . . it seems that a nephew of the late dictator has declared that his uncle “was more of a playboy than Porfirio Rubirosa, because he had more women, both out and in the Dominican Republic.” He also affirmed that his uncle, infamous for forcing women into his bed under threat of killing their families, “never forced any woman into having sex with him, but just fell in love like any other man, except that he held the nation’s political and limitary power.”

“The number of women my uncle had is incalculable,” which means he was more of a playboy than Rubirosa.

It is at times like this that one hopes there is indeed a hell…

 For the story (in Spanish) go to

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