Guyana lowers prices for essential products


May 1st and 2nd marked relative progress in the deliberations to lower prices for essential products in Guyana. Following the negotiations that came to fruition in Guadeloupe and Martinique in March (see March 2 post “Caribbean intellectuals draft a proclamation for essential ‘products’”), Guyana saw a decrease of 14% basic products last Saturday that should reach 20% in a few weeks. This lowering of prices is the result of seven weeks of negotiations between the administrative powers, labor representatives, and the consumer collective “Mayouri Pou Lavi Miyow” [collective for a better life].

The consumer collective did not sign the first agreement because they were demanding the full 20% decrease. Jean-Claude Ringuet, the spokesperson for “Mayouri Pou Lavi Miyow,” explained that with a 14% decrease, “When one looks into the shopping basket, 14 euros off a purchase of 100 euros is not sufficient.” He added that the wholesalers should have made more of an effort, since the detailers already made an 8% concession.

Further dialogue involving the collective will follow in order to discuss issues related to employment, education, health and regional development.

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