Joint U.S.-Cuba Photographic exhibit


 A joint U.S.-Cuban photographic exhibition featuring some 90 images capturing the “beauty and grace” of the Cuban people is scheduled to open this coming Wednesday, May 6, at the Julio Larramendi Gallery in the Hostal de la Habana in Havana, Cuba. The exhibit, titled “Side by Side,“ features the work of Chip Cooper, director of photography at the University of Alabama and artist-in-residence at its Honor College, and Néstor Martí, a photographer with the Office of the Historian of the City of Havana. The exhibit will run through June 17 in Cuba and is scheduled to open on The University of Alabama campus in fall 2009. Cooper said he hopes the project will grow into a photography book and an opportunity for Martí to travel to the University of Alabama campus and take photographs of Alabama’s rural communities.

The exhibit is dedicated to the late Raymundo Leonardo Respal Fina, director of the Experimental Graphic Studio in Cuba.

The image above is “the Island,” a photograph by Nestor Martí.

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