Néstor Millán and Jaime Romano: Entre bálsamos y silencios


Puerto Rican visual artists Néstor Millán and Jaime Romano’s dual exhibition, Entre bálsamos y silencios [Among balsams and silences], opened yesterday, May 2, and will be available until May 25 at Biaggi & Faure Fine Art Gallery in Puerto Nuevo, Puerto Rico.

As Damaris Hernández explains in her Nuevo Día article, Millán (born in San Germán, 1960) finds peace, order, and healing through pictorial work; Romano (born in San Juan, 1942) establishes a dialogue with silence, using it as his inspirational axis. Millán and Romano, both artists and professors at the University of Puerto Rico, decided to join their artistic projects after a chance meeting at Biaggi & Faure. Without consulting with one another about their thematic or stylistic choices for this joint project, the artists set out to work individually. When they met to see what they had produced, they found that their work was strongly connected through their color design and their use of geometric figures (one using circular forms and the other using squares). It was surprising to them that both portrayed similar themes, but represented through different formal choices.

Millán has participated in 17 exhibitions that include figurative painting, print, photography, and constructions. He explains that, for this show, he began with forms— in this case, circles— without thinking of storyline. “From there stems the search for integrating characters. I can’t deny that there are autobiographic details and a narrative of lived experiences,” he states. Circles and trees, he finds, are constants in his work.


Well known for his abstract work, Romano’s artistic trajectory includes 42 solo exhibitions. He emphasizes that silence is his inspiration: “Silence is not the absence of sound; on the contrary, in silence there is a noise.” Speaking of a trip he made to Iguazú Falls, which inspired his present work, he asserts, “Silence was manifest in the wind and the water falling. From there, I begin to use squares and vertical symmetry, in the same way that the water falls.”

Biaggi & Faure Fine Art Gallery is located at 1035 Jesús T. Piñero Avenue, Puerto Nuevo, Puerto Rico. For more information, you may call (787) 277-2783 or see http://www.biaggifaure.com/

For full article (in Spanish) by Damaris Hernández, see http://www.elnuevodia.com/entrebalsamosysilencios-563971.html

Nestor Millán´s “Reunion de bálsamos” and Jaime Romano’s “Pequeño silencio 4” from http://noticampus.uprrp.edu/texto20090082.html

One thought on “Néstor Millán and Jaime Romano: Entre bálsamos y silencios

  1. These were two of my favorite college profesors. Rafael Rivera Garcia was the third. I learned alot from all of them. Prof Millan was even my boss in the study and work program from 88 to 90. What is he doing now? Is he still teaching at ” La UPR” in Rio Piedras?

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