Book of Migration Stories Launched in Dominica


Home Again: Stories of Migration and Return, a collection that gathers the contemporary stories of men and women who have returned to the island of Dominica after lives as immigrants abroad, was launched April 30 with a celebratory party at the Samaan Gardens, Canefield, Dominica. Home Again was conceptualized by Franklyn Georges (one of the contributors) and compiled by Polly Pattullo of Papillote Press and Celia Sothaindo for the Dominica-United Kingdom Association (DUKA). The 22 contributors, men and women whose ages range from 40 to 73, recount the story of their childhood, the experience of migration and, finally, the positive and negative aspects of returning to their much-loved island. The collection seeks to chart these stories and to highlight the important contributions made by the returnees, both overseas and in Dominica. “Compelling, moving and intensely personal, Home Again offers a revealing insight into the lives of these pioneering migrants.”

The book is on sale for EC$40 in all Roseau bookshops and other outlets. From the end of July, it will be available in UK bookshops and from or The UK launch with DUKA will be held on 26 July 2009.

For more information go to the Papillote Press website at

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