The 4th Bi-national Fair of Ecotourism and Production


The 4th Bi-national Fair of Ecotourism and Production [Cuarta Feria Binacional Ecoturística y de Producción] seeks to strengthen ties and promote understanding between the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Jacqueline Boin, president of events of the Foundation of Science and Art, said that representatives from both countries are working at full speed on the organization of the fair program. On May 6, 2009, there will be a press conference to announce to the public the exact nature of the activities to be carried out at the 4th Bi-national Fair of Ecotourism and Production, slated for November 21 to December 6 of this year at the border between Pedernales, Dominican Republic, and Anse-A-Pitre, Haiti.

Boin explained that the elaboration of the program includes a science committee dedicated to the biosphere and ecological studies.  Focusing on the historical and cultural richness of the area, the fair will raise consciousness about both countries’ potential for ecotourism and sustainable development, especially in the border zones between Pedernales and Anse-A-Pitre, continuing along the coast up to the Haitian community of Jacmel. Speaking about the natural beauty of the region, she offered as examples the Dominican national parks of Baoruco and Jaragua, as well as the famous Bahía de las Águilas [Bay of the Eagles].

Jacqueline Boin’s husband, José Serulle Ramia, former ambassador of the Dominican Republic in Haiti and now of Trinidad and Tobago, is the founder of the Foundation of Science and Art. Therefore, the couple has had years of experience and interest in building ties and promoting intercultural dialogue. Both have published on land and economics in articles and books such as their co-authored texts, El proceso del capitalism en la República Dominicana (1979), Inversion de capitales imperialistas en la República Dominicana: elementos de crítica a la “teoría de la dependencia” (1981), and Fondo Monetario Internacional: deuda externa y crisis mundial (1984).

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