Children’s Literature in Cuba


For those among you interested in the rapidly growing field of children’s literature in the Caribbean, the website of Radio Angulo in Cuba has published a comprehensive two-part survey on the topic that focuses on the contributions of prominent Cuban writers to the genre. Beginning with Cuban patriot José Martí’s magazine for children, La edad de oro (see cover illustration above) and concluding with an assessment of how the current publishing climate in Cuba has impacted publications for children, the articles offer the best possible introduction to the study of the topic. Featured are titles by the likes of Dora Alonso, Renée Méndez Capote, Senel Paz, and Excilia Saldaña, among other. Children’s literature, as author Alfonso del Rosario argues, “stopped being the stepchild of Cuban literature a long time ago. If indeed one can say that the genre has not always claimed great enthusiasm among writers, it can also be argued that our Island has established a well-marked route for others to follow as far as texts dedicated to girls and boys is concerned.” The articles are in Spanish.

The articles were written in commemoration of the International Day of Children’s Literature, which is celebrated around the world every April 2nd.

Part I can be found here

For part II go to

2 thoughts on “Children’s Literature in Cuba

  1. How can I find out more about Cuban children’s literaturen especially picture books? Dr Penni Cotton. Senior Research Fellow in children’s literature

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