Magali Garcia Ramis Joins the Puerto Rican Academy of Language


Puerto Rican novelist Magali García Ramis has been elected to the Puerto Rican Academy of Language in recognition of her literary career. She will occupy chair “K,” previously used by historian Lidio Cruz Monclova and, most recently, novelist Enrique Laguerre. The investiture ceremony takes place today. Her lecture for the occasion will be on “My Father’s ‘R’ and Other Familiar Letters,” and the respondent will be noted scholar Mercedes López Baralt.

García Ramis is the autor of two collections of short stories, La familia de todos nosotros (1976) and Las noches del Riel de oro (1995), a collection of essays, La ciudad que me habita (1993), and two novels, Felices días, tío Sergio (1987) and Las noches del Sur (2006). Felices días, tío Sergio is considered a classic of contemporary Puerto Rican literatura.

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