Cuban Writer Senel Paz in Film Symposium


Cuban novelist and screenwriter Senel Paz will be one of three featured artists at “La Fábrica Audiovisual” (The Audiovisual Factory), an international symposium on auteur cinema and videoart to be held in Mérida, Venezuela, from June 8 to 12, this coming summer. The other two featured speakers are Román Gubern, a communication theorist, and French critic and composer Michel Chion. The symposium is sponsored by the Universidad de los Andes (ULA). In addition to several novels, stage plays, and short story collections, Senel Paz is a prolific scriptwriter. He turned his own novella, El lobo, el bosque, y el hombre nuevo, into the script for Strawberry and Chocolate, a film that won a number of international awards and remains the only Cuban film ever nominated for an Oscar for best foreign film.

For the full announcement of the symposium (In Spanish) see

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