New book: Ernesto, el domador de sueños


Puerto Rican writer and professor of literature Mayra Santos Febres presented her first children’s book,  Ernesto, el domador de sueños [Ernesto, the Dream Tamer] at the Centro de Estudios Avanzados de Puerto Rico y el Caribe in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Richly illustrated by artist Ángel Flores Mangual, the story is the first in the Pirate Series of the Barco de Vapor [Steamboat] section of the SM Editorial Group. Present at the launching were, in the author’s words, her muses- family friend, Ernesto Trevisani Ortiz, and her son, Lucián Hernández Santos.

Ernesto, el domador de sueños is about a boy who learns how to conquer his nightmares and anxieties with his mother’s help. At an early age, Ernesto must come to terms with difference and changes in his life. His mother is black and his father is white, and he lives half the time with his father and half with his mother. The pain of his parents’ divorce still fresh on his mind, Ernesto begins to experience his first night terrors and terrifying nightmares. Through his mother’s loving words and creative solutions, Ernesto learns how to face his fears. The book celebrates children’s courage and resilience in difficult situations and transitions.

Santos Febres is known for her novels, short stories, and essays, including titles such as Pez de vidrio (1994, Winner of the Juan Rulfo Award), Sirena Selena vestida de pena (2000), Cualquier miércoles soy tuya (2002), Sobre piel y papel (2005), and Nuestra Señora de la Noche (2006).

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