Call for contributions: Women of African Descent in the Americas

Mujeres Afro-decendientes en las Américas: Biografias criticas  [Women of African Descent in the Americas: Critical Biographies]

Editors María Mercedes Jaramillo and Lucía Ortiz extend an invitation to contribute articles (in Spanish) for an anthology about women of African descent in the Americas (the Caribbean, Central America, and South America) that highlight their contributions in the cultural, social, or political spheres.

Publication criteria:

  • The articles should be written in Spanish, in an easily-accessible style and should focus on biographical aspects and contributions that each of these women has made culturally, socially, or politically to their country of origin.
  • They should be no longer than 20 pages, double-spaced, in Times New Roman 12 font, including bibliography and notes, and should follow the MLA Handbook of Style (latest edition).
  • Potential contributors should send an article abstract via electronic mail before May 30, 2009.
  • Once proposals are accepted, contributors will have until August 31, 2009 to send the articles electronically in a Word attachment.  Contributors should include a brief bio with the submissions.  The articles will then be submitted to an editorial committee.

 Please send abstracts to María Mercedes Jaramillo or Lucía Ortiz

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