Posted by: lisaparavisini | December 2, 2011

Lección errante: Mayra Santos Febres y el Caribe contemporáneo

Lección errante: Mayra Santos Febres y el Caribe contemporáneo. Edited by Nadia V Celis and Juan Pablo Rivera. (San Juan, P.R.: Isla Negra Editores, 2011)

Lección errante: Mayra Santos Febres y el Caribe contemporáneo is the first book of critical essays on Mayra Santos-Febres, one of the Caribbean’s most versatile writers, and arguably the first Latin American Afro-Hispanic literary celebrity. The collection examines the unique poetic universe of Santos-Febres, populated by “wandering” beings such as immigrants, transvestites and sex-workers, whose fictional voices rise up against their long-standing socio-historic marginalization. Lección errante delves into Santos-Febres’ public persona, revealing her as an emblem of a new generation of Latin American writers who shuttle comfortably between fiction, poetry, and the scholarly essay; between printed media and virtual technologies; between the traditionally intellectual arena and the popular culture scene.

Reflecting the variety of media and locations that Santos-Febres’ work engages, Lección errante includes an interview, a bibliography, and academic articles by emergent and established scholars from Latin America, Europe and the United States, studying Santos-Febres’ novels, poetry, essays, and blog. The collection also highlights Santos-Febres’ role as mentor to younger writers of the region, and the broader lessons that her works offer on the changing contemporary trends in postcolonial and neocolonial writing and criticism.

Contributors include Debra Castillo, Carmen Oquendo-Villar, Annette Passapera, Rubén Ríos Ávila, Radost Rangelova, Irune del Río Gabiola, Rosana Díaz-Zambrana, Margaret Shrimpton, Elvira Sánchez-Blake, Guillermo Irizarry and Chrissy B. Arce.


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